How To Reduce Shipping Damages of Hoverboards

How To Reduce Shipping Damages of Hoverboards

How To Reduce Shipping Damages of Product

Skateboards and Hoverboards Damages during Shipping Process:

We are getting some huge complaints regarding the damages of commute products during the process of shipping. Also, the customers of, are arriving with the damaged devices. That’s why we have decided to write in detail about how to avoid the damages of commuting products like hoverboards, skateboards, and electric scooters during the shipping process. So, let’s start our primary discussion.

Before having any kind of discussion in the detail. Let’s start from a very basic thing that, what are the commuting devices? Basically, commuting devices are automobiles that are used for purpose of covering shorter distances. They might include electric scooters, manual scooters, manual skateboards, electric skateboards, and hoverboards. As the name implies, these products are fragile. So, there is a huge possibility of these product damages during the process of shipping. If these products are not shipped in proper packaging, you might see some serious product damages. Shipping damages are very common during e-commerce product delivery. You can read more about it in detail here. Anyways, let us discuss the core part of our topic in the next section of the article.

Some Tips to Avoid Shipping Damages:

According to, a reputed firm that offers customized boxes at wholesale rates in the USA, the following are the tips that can be used to avoid shipping damages. So, without wasting any time, let’s discuss those factors.

Choose a Shipping Box Carefully

It’s a responsibility of a product manufacturing company to choose shipping boxes for a product very carefully after having some serious consultation with the packaging company. For example, a product that requires direct shipping usually requires corrugated material for their packaging. It means that you can use corrugated material with any style. You have a huge variety when it comes to the selection of box style. But, the basic purpose is to keep your product safe until your customer receives it. Some common examples of corrugated boxes are mailer boxes, large shipping cartons, roll and tuck boxes, etc. There are many more examples as well that we can’t cover in a single post. You can view these box styles by visiting any custom packaging company.

Box Size:

Some people also complained about the product damages even using corrugated stock. In that case, the most common reason is the inaccurate box size for the product. So, also go with custom boxes instead of pre-made options. Choose a box size according to the size of the product. Also, try to remain between loose and snug fitting for perfect results.

Use Custom Inserts for Product Safety Purposes

After having an accurate box size, just add an extra insert as per product size for the box safety especially if the product is of fragile nature. These inserts are manufactured using cardboard, foam, and many other materials as well. Their basic purpose is to hold the product safe inside the box even on the rough surface.

Extra-Wrapping of Box:

Extra-wrapping of boxes is also mandatory to save your products from any kind of damages. For that purpose, many companies paste an extra card on the corrugated box. So, it could not absorb any moisture from the air. Moreover, you can also wrap it in a bubble wrap sheet to protect it further.

Final Summary

So, with the help of a reputed custom packaging and printing company, we have shared some tips regarding how to protect your product from shipping damages. I know that by following these tips, the price of your shipping box may rise. But, they will keep your product protected for sure from any kind of damages that should be your first preference in any case.

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