How Durable is the battery of the hoverboard?

Let us start with an ultimate truth. Durability of the a hoverboard’s battery depends on its model and price range in which you are going to buy your product. For example, hoverboards under 200 USD will have different battery performance as compared to the luxury items that have pricing like 1000 USD. Also, there are some other factors as well that we will cover in this guide for you. I hope it will be very useful for you especially if you are owner of any commute device.

In today’s time, we have witnessed a recent trend, the market has been flooded with self-balancing scooters which are knowns as hoverboards. These new toys are taking the market by storm, liked by both kids and adults for their daily commute.

Everyone enjoys riding these hoverboards let it be a short trip to school or the office. These hoverboards are the go-to gadgets for our new generation. These new gadgets are compact and portable; above all they are rechargeable. Hoverboards are now becoming not only the coolest new gadgets but the next big revolution in personal transportation.

With all that said, some questions arise in one’s mind. How long is a hoverboard’s battery duration? When will it run out? What can I do to increase its durability? How long does it take to charge a hoverboard’s battery?

Durability is the first thought that comes to mind when you are looking to buy a hoverboard. To be very honest and to give you a concise answer! the durability of the battery varies from model to model. The maximum battery life you can find on a hoverboard is 3 to 4 hours.

However, the battery of low priced hoverboards is even less. It lasts for 1 to 2 hours maximum.

Factors That Affect Battery Life

In this article, we will mention some external factors which are known to affect the battery life of a hoverboard.

  1. Terrain

In the case of off-road terrains, the hoverboard usually exerts more power thus draining your battery much quicker. The same is the case with inclines. Nearly all hoverboards have battery saving features, whenever a certain battery level is reached the hoverboard goes into power-saving mode.

  1. Weight Of The Rider

Every hoverboard comes with a defined weight limit. The more weight you put on a hoverboard the more energy it loses, this energy is wasted to carry that weight. For example, if you put more weight on a hoverboard then it’s designed caring capacity.

The hoverboard will exert more power to move that extra weight that is on it.

  1. Weather Conditions

Weather is a key contributor to the battery drainage process of a hoverboard. It is proven that the battery of a hoverboard will drain much faster than usual in hot temperatures. Whereas the battery of the hoverboard will underperform significantly in colder climates.

Therefore it is advised that optimum temperature must be maintained while charging your hoverboard.

How To Improve Hoverboards Battery

Regardless of the brand, it is proven with many scientific experiments that when you buy a new hoverboard its battery will perform very well, when the days pass the battery performance of the hoverboard will fall. Hoverboard performs exceptionally well when they are new. Then with continued use of this gadget, its performance will decline.

To boost its battery life, you can follow these tips.

Never Let Your Battery Reach Zero

When you use your battery with a low charge it has very bad effects on the battery capacity of the hoverboard. So to combat this it is advised that whenever the battery indicator stats its beeping noise. You need to put your hoverboard on charging as soon as possible.

Most of the hoverboards usually start beeping around 5-10% remaining battery limit.

Never Let The Battery Of Your Hoverboard Overcharge

You should unplug the battery of your hoverboard whenever it is fully charged. You should avoid leaving your hoverboard plugged in and get overcharged. It significantly reduces the durability of your battery. Generally, hoverboards take around 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. Therefore, it is no need to put your hoverboard on charging overnight.

Regular Charges

You need to charge your hoverboard daily, even if you were not using it. It is a pro tip to charge your hoverboard regularly because when the hoverboard is not in use it slowly but surely losses some of its battery.

Having said that, you need to be careful while charging your hoverboard as it can get overheated when charged regularly.

Using Company Made Chargers

We will always recommend you use the original charger to charge your hoverboard. Usually, a hoverboard comes with its own factory-made charger which is made just for your hoverboard. Your hoverboard is tested repeatedly using only that charger that comes with your box.


So, experts at has shared some best tips regarding the battery of your commute devices. To conclude the topic, we will say that batteries are the heart and soul of a hoverboard. you should always pay extra attention to your gadget while charging. If you do not take care of your hoverboard’s battery, then you will see a decline in the performance of your hoverboard.

As mentioned above a hoverboard can last up to 1 to 4 hours on a single charge. Many factors affect the battery life of your hoverboard but weight, weather, and model of the hoverboard are the most important. For more information regarding hoverboards, you can visit